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missions in life

before the age of thirty &or kids/marriage i have two things to accomplish.
1: go to every state in the continental USA.
and while in those states my 2nd one comes in to play.
2: go to every Hard Rock Cafe in the USA & get the guitar/bottle opener magnet & pin set. magnet for my mom pins for me.

i shall do this. mhmm.

i hate feeling so helpless with no vehicle. all i want is my truck back but it seems everything is preventing me from ever getting it back. I’ve put almost a grand into getting it back & haven’t seen anything.

i want to scream.
its been a year and almost three months.



so i saw some pretty boobs yesterday… and they were pierced..

and the dude man has been begging me to get them…

and those boobs made me go.. hm.. i think i want those.

i have 14 tattoos… yet the only piercings i have are my ears..

i had my lip for 6 weeks.. but had to take it out bc of my dad.

he doesn’t see my boobs so why not?!?!

i think i am officially set on getting my vanity pierced. i have it tattooed… why not add some charms lol.

i thought about my tongue but dude man says it’s wonderful without it lmao…

im rambling… but i am definitely getting the nips pierced.

new year/Christmas/hannukah present to me :) & dude man ha.

dear biological clock:
stop ticking so loudly in my head.

dear motherly instincts:
stop screaming for a child.

cause i have yet to find a guy that is decent enough to be my love and the father to my child.
i have found a decent father but idk about the whole ‘stay with the mother’ deal.
not too keen on the single mother thing. a child needs it’s father.

but i do know that IF a child decides to invade my uterus and form… and the child’s father isn’t around much… they will have the best farther figure there is.. their g-dad..

okay im done now.

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